Why do I need a Box?

03 Oct

Recently a job opening said ‘candidate must think outside the box’ and as I thought about this and discussed it with a friend..I thought how fascinating b/c I  don’t like box’s they limit what’s possible…and God spoke to me and said—

Some people take the box life gave them…these kind of people always assume there are no other options except the one life has given them. Their small thinking keeps them in jobs, relationships and friendships that are not healthy but they exist. They don’t think anything will get better so they assume it’s just the ‘way it is’ These people can be christians…and even there prayers requests are within the framework of the box….

Some people  try to fix their box up and make it look pretty…these kind of people know they don’t like the box but instead of getting rid of it they give it a makeover. they try to cover up the fact that it is a box at all. They decorate the box to the point that they even deny it is a box at all. When someone tries to make them see just how bad their box is or how they should really take a real look at their box. Their denial makes them disregard that the person says about the box. When the holy spirit talks to them about the box, they rationalize and think their way out of changing the box.

Some people ask can they have a different box…they realize the box is not good — the box can represent a job, or another relationship. these people recognize the box is not healthy for them and know their can be a better box….so they either try to change the box or they pray and ask God to give them a new box.

But then there are those of whose who wonder…Why do i need a box– Why has someone else predetermined that I need a box in the first place. the bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void….God created a ‘box’ the earth and filled it by speaking into it. So why do we think we need someone else to fill our box. It doesn’t matter what your parents or anyone spoke over you as a child, it doesn’t matter if your married or not, have a job or not, have children or not…..You have the power to create your box….better yet…you have the power to determine if you even need a box.

Since i was a little girl I knew and realized God had no limits…his word says All things are possible through him and Nothing is impossible. NOTHING…NOTHING. Let that really sit in your spirit. what would you do with your life if you REALLY believed that. IF you really stop putting limits/boxes in your life. I realize that living in this world and even working at various companies I’m often told what I can’t do, what a company can’t do, what a computer system can’t do, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of everyone acting like its ok to limit themselves. It’s NOT ok to only expect the status quo. It’s NOT ok to decorate our boxes that are no longer working for us. I’m a child of the most high God and he said NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Which means my family, my employer, my city,  my current situation can not and does not define what I am capable of doing, what God has called me to do and what is conceivable possible to do!!

I refuse to take the box that life has given me and try to redesign it and just make it ‘OK” or base my decisions or my future off the box life handed me…I don’t really think I need a box in the first place b/c the box limits me. But if I must have a box i want to do be able to create it like my Father/God did….when he created the Earth. I need it to be empty so I can operate within it or outside of it and make it into what I want it to be. I don’t know what your box is –I don’t know who or what caused you to limit yourself into only thinking you can have or you Only deserve this or that much but I’m here to tell you–You have the spirit of God the original ‘creator’ in you…start Creating!!  For me that’s creating books, or maybe even owning a publishing company–I dont know what it means for you but KNOW You can do All things through Christ and Nothing is Impossible with God…so stop limiting yourself–Think Wider, Dream Bigger and Hope Endlessly….


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