Even at Night, the Sun is still there

24 Aug

I was out talking to my neighbor about what I do as the praise dance leader and she asked me what denomination I was and she said…i used to be catholic and then Baptist, then agnostic and now i just don’t know what to believe.

I told her that i have no denominational preference I believe in relationship with God…i believe in his son Jesus and that he died and rose for our sins and that he came to live in our heart and that if we read his word in the Bible we’ll know him more…she started discussing all she saw wrong w/ how she grew up catholic and she said I just don’t understand how if there is a God how he allows bad things like children being hurt to happen.

I told her just as real as God is…so is Satan and I said the people who do bad things in the world are not close to God…I told her my pastor explains it like this. In the absence of light there is darkness…And since God is the most light, therefore the more ‘dark’ things you see occur in the world means that person is just far away from the Light…..

And God spoke to me and said,

The remarkable thing is everyday when the Earth turns from the Sun, darkness is created as Night and NO ONE says “Is there a SUN?” just because you can’t see it in the Darkness…they know the darkness is temporary and soon the LIGHT of the SUN will return…the don’t question the Sun’s existence!!! He said I show my LOVE, MY GOOD, MY LIGHT and yet everyday in the earth yet people choose to look at the HATE, THE BAD, THE DARKNESS and question if I exist. So the people question if I exist because of those people who choose to do ‘bad’ are not realizing that those people are just so far removed from me b/c I AM GOOD.

What’s really interesting is I tell them in my word I DONT CHANGE…and every day when Night comes…the SUN doesn’t move just like i don’t move, It is NOT the Sun that changed positions….it is in the same place it was before NIght fell. What changes is the position of the Earth. And Since Human being’s have free will –they are allowed to turn towards me or away from me…but those who turn away from me create Darkness in their lives and in the lives of others. That Darkness in NO WAY takes away from the LIGHT that I AM or the LOVE and GOOD I demonstrate Each and Every DAY!!

So to question if there is a God just b/c of those in Darkness…would be to question each and every Night…Is the Sun Still there?


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